VODCAST: Valentine's Day Packaging
4 February, 2021 by
VODCAST: Valentine's Day Packaging
QLM Group, Administrator


This vodcast demonstrates 

the latest TRENDS for Valentine's Day Packaging and labels.

These ideas are about Valentine's Day but apply to a whole range of gifting ideas for products.
Hosted by 

Barcode Kate (Kate Bradley) and Lindsay Nutley (Director of Marketing).

The most common trend we are seeing is that businesses are really conscious of cost and complexity. They also want their promotional labels and packaging to be really flexible in application and cost, but also in terms of the ability for packaging to be added and removed, subject to whether the items sell during the promotional period. There is nothing worse than being left with excess product of Valentine's Day Packaging in March!

Featured Topics:

    • ADD-ONS: tags, pop-up labels & sleeves and shrink-wrap.
    • PERSONALISATION: personalised or customised labels or packaging, focusing in specific clients tastes, styles, names or information.
    • FINISHES & EMBELLISHMENTS metallic foils, special die-cuts, metallic base materials and neck tags and labels.
    • QR CODES:  More than just a link to a website, communicate a discount, message or experience. Add value by engaging the customer right away.
    • SLEEVES & SHRINK-WRAP: A new message with an overcoat for your existing products, with the flexibility to change or remove them when the promotional period ends.

Most of all - remember that Valentine's Day is a day to SHARE THE LOVE - and we love that the most!

Personalised tags for valentine

Valentine's Day sleeves

Valentine's Day Packaging

Enjoy Valentine's Day Packaging ideas and share the lovely ideas of yours with us