Craft beer labels
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Craft beer labels
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Chad Mitchell from Mixtape came to QLM looking for consistent print quality, awesome colour and label performance for his craft beer labels under the conditions of labelling and refrigeration. PLUS they wanted something to make their labels stand out in the competitive craft beer market. Existing labels had awesome designs, but needed a tweak to reflect the true quality of their craft beers.

Working with QLM’s marketing and design team, adjustments were made to the artwork and label material that elevated the existing artwork and gives a lustre to the final product.

Creative use of Metallic material combines shiny and matt elements while maintaining the consistency of branding and design. The result is outstanding quality at an economical price.  Cheers to that!

MixTape Beverage Co. is dedicated to the pursuit of F.U.N. – FRESH, UNIQUE, and NEVER-BORING products. In the spirit of all great artisans they bring creativity to everything they do, and never settle for mediocrity. They are dedicated to the highest quality, the utmost customer service, and the undying pursuit of originality.

We take our sipping seriously!
Chad Mitchell – Mixtape Beverage Company

Craft beer labels

Beer labels

beverage labels

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