Dissolvable Labels
22 February, 2021 by
Dissolvable Labels
QLM Group, Administrator


Off with those labels! Let’s talk about Dissolvable Labels or ones that enable recycling

One of the most important parts that labels play in the sustainability process is utilizing materials that enable recycling or reusability and contribute towards a circular economy.

This means the ability for the label to be {easily} removed so that the base container/product can be re-used or recycled.

When labels cannot be removed the base containers become what is called ‘contaminated’, meaning that the base containers can still be recycled but become down-cycled because they don’t retain pure material for recycling into other products (this is mostly applicable for PET containers but also applies to glass, plastics and other materials).

Labels themselves are generally not recycled. The backing sheet or liner that labels are supplied on can be recycled in some instances, but the actual label is usually not able to be recycled – so it is about choosing the most sustainable materials based on your need.

There are a number of products that are divided into the following categories:

  • Labels that wash off: usually via adhesives that allow the label to separate easily and cleanly.
  • Dissolvable labels: usually both the face stock and the adhesive

Different products work better on PET, plastics, glass and other materials – so be sure to ask which is best for your application.

Label Materials (stocks) are provided by our World Class Supply Chain Partners: Avery Dennison (through their Clear Intent Portfolio), UPM Raflatac, Herma and Avatack.

Ask us now for a sample of Dissolvable Labels.