Metallic label effects
11 August, 2022 by
Metallic label effects
QLM Group, Administrator

add shimmer and shine to your design with these metallic label effects:

Here are three of the best ways for metallic label effects:

metallic inks (pantone) & HP Indigo ElectroInk Silver
• Pantone metallic inks are available in gold, silver and bronze colours
• convenience of ink during printing without additional processes
• HP ElectroInk produces metallic label effects in a fully digital printing process
• combine colour to achieve a rainbow of metallic options on any stock
• digital HP indigo ElectroInk Fluorescent inks also a great idea

foiling (cold-foil or hot-stamping)
• foiling is the process of applying a metallic foil finish to labels
• hot foil stamps foil on using heat; cold-foil is applied using adhesive
• popular for creating highlights and premium metallic finishes
• available in gold, silver, bronze and a range of colours
• colours and holographic patterns available for specialty finishes

metallic stocks (PP, PET, PE and Paper)
• some stocks available in silver, gold and other metallic hues
• layering colour onto base stocks can achieve beautiful metallic label effects
• create many different shades including gold, silver, bronze and more…
• opaque white layers highlight contrast and shimmer in beautiful designs
• clever design can create the illusion of holograms and watermarks

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