Complete Label System PACKAGE DEAL
26 August, 2021 by
Complete Label System PACKAGE DEAL
QLM Group, Administrator

Our COMPLETE LABEL SYSTEM ULTIMATE PACKAGE DEAL gives you everything you need to print labels in-house …all for one amazing price.

Control quality, quantity and your printing schedule by printing labels on-demand. An investment in this short-run, colour label printing system allows you to print full colour labels including OPAQUE WHITE and opens the door to a new customer base and lucrative revenue stream.

Buy NOW & Save over $3,000          Offer valid until 30 Sept 2021.

OKI Pro 1050 Label Printer 

• Print in five colours (CMYK+White) on a wide variety of substrates
• Extended 3 Year warranty

RRP: $17,000 +GST

DPR Rewinder 

• Automatically wind up your printed labels, ready for finishing

RRP: $1,449 +GST

DPR Virgo VRG14PL Finisher

• Die-cut, laminate, strip waste and slit your labels using this reliable digital die-cutter

RRP: $20,574 +GST

PLUS Remote Install Package

• Our team will provide initial training on all machinery and help you get your system up and running

RRP: $2,000 +GST

Printing Labels In-House

Businesses need the flexibility and cost-effectiveness of printing labels in-house more than ever before. Unexpected threats to supply-chain and rapidly changing business environments require fast action and risk mitigation strategies.

Having control of your label manufacturing process gives you total control of the process.

benefits of printing labels in-house

    • you control the quality, quantity and printing schedule
     • respond to changing market conditions & opportunities
     • print on-demand WHEN you need it printed
     • modify designs quickly at no extra cost
     • reduce waste & unnecessary stock holding

in-house sticker printing is being successfully used for:

     • pharmaceutical & nutraceuticals
     • manufacturing & distribution companies
     • specialty food, beverage and wine
     • import / export companies
     • promotional companies or events

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