Print Labels In-house

Businesses need the flexibility and cost-effectiveness of printing labels in-house more than ever before. Unexpected threats to supply-chain and rapidly changing business environments require fast action and risk mitigation strategies.

Having control of your label manufacturing process gives you total control of the process.

benefits of printing labels in-house LPS print labels inhouse
     • you control the quality, quantity and printing schedule
     • respond to changing market conditions & opportunities
     • print on-demand WHEN you need it printed
     • modify designs quickly at no extra cost
     • reduce waste & unnecessary stock holding
in-house sticker printing is being successfully used for:
     • pharmaceutical & nutraceuticals
     • manufacturing & distribution companies
     • specialty food, beverage and wine
     • import / export companies
     • promotional companies or events


how to start printing your own labels in-house
LPS labels on rolls
  • colour label printers in inkjet and toner based print engines
  • digital finishing systems to laminate and digitally die-cut
  • label software for easier design to print solutions
  • thermal printers for overprinting & dispatch labels
  • experienced technicians for guidance & advice

choose from Australia’s leading equipment

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