The Unboxing Experience

The Unboxing Experience – Does Your Delivery WOW?

With so many items now being delivered, have you considered what the customer experiences when they receive and open your product? Known as an ‘unboxing experience’, it requires you to think like a customer and consider each moment as they ‘open’ their packaging.

There are some really easy and great ways to engage and excite customers as they unpack your delivery – both on the outside and the inside:

coupon and special offer stickers for Unboxing Experience Coupons & Offers 
Include tailored coupons and offers like box-top promos – give customers a reason to come back.
customised labels and stickers for Unboxing Experience Customisation
Customised messages and printed material enhance the unboxing experience and can engage and excite your tribe!
2 sided printed cartons 2-Sided Print
Gorgeous packaging often considers the multi-dimensional aspect of print – make the most of this by continuing the design and messaging on both sides.
small gifts unboxing experience Small Gifts or Treats
Include a small treat. It can be a sample or extra item – but make sure they know you added it (tell them it’s a gift). If there is a series then people will often look forward to the next delivery. Be consistent though as you don’t want to disappoint.
How to WOW With Your Unboxing Experiences
    • Inside and out – make genuine offers that are easy to accept.
    • Personalisation and customisation should match your customers.
    • Keep it simple and easy to implement for customers and your staff

Carton Labels Box-Top Promos Personalisation
Spice up delivery addresses with
images or QR codes to your website
or special landing pages
They bought one item – but did they
know what else they could have got?
Add a bargain to make it worthwhile.
Add meaningful and personalised
messages – either on a card, letter,
label or sticker.