Toshiba B-EX4D2 Direct Thermal Label Printer



Toshiba B-852 Thermal Printer (300dpi)
Toshiba B-852 Thermal Printer (300dpi)
Toshiba B-EX4T1 Thermal Printer (203dpi)
Toshiba B-EX4T1 Thermal Printer (203dpi)

Toshiba B-EX4D2 Direct Thermal Label Printer

- Low maintenance
- Rugged metal construction
- Low cost of operation
- USB & LAN interface as standard
- 50km expected printhead life


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  • Daily Print Requirement
  • Max Print Width
  • Printer Type
  • Print Technology
    • Thermal Direct Only
  • Resolution
  • Connectivity
  • Print Speed
  • Purchase Volume

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Brand: Toshiba Thermal Label Printers
Toshiba Thermal Label Printers

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Toshiba B-EX4D2 4” thermal paper industrial printer incorporates the latest in direct thermal print technology allowing smart mechanics, top of the line reliability as well as a perfect print quality. The TOSHIBA B-EX4D2 is ideally suited to direct thermal printing applications, lowering the cost of ownership.

High Speed and Advanced Processor

The Toshiba B-EX4D2 combines high speed printing and advanced processing power (for fast output), with easy maintenance, emulation capabilities and a whole range of green credentials, all wrapped up in a rugged, robust metal anti-static casing. Ideally suited to direct thermal printing applications, lowering the cost of ownership over the life of the printer, with no reduction in performance or quality. This printer is flexible and scalable with a multitude of options, to create the printer that suits your environment. Compatible with the B-EX4T2 series.

Low Cost of Ownership

With flat head technology, left aligned media and emulation capabilities ensure the B-EX4D2 is ideally suited to quick and easy replacement of legacy competitor estates. Easy service and maintenance, with snap-in printheads (expected lifetime of 50 km) and field upgradeable options, further lowering the cost of ownership. Ideally suited to transportation, logistics and warehousing, retail supply chain, healthcare and pharmaceutical applications – shipping/receipt labels; product labels; warehouse labels; picking labels, carton labels, labelling for fresh products at retail food stores, supermarkets etc.

Sophisticated Features of the Toshiba B-EX4D2

The B-EX4D2 boasts further sophisticated features such as data logging function; internal file storage; automatic thermal printhead DPI detection. Green credentials include the coveted Energy Star programme and a solvent-free ribbon, as well as delivering ”Carbon Zero” printing.

Brand Toshiba Thermal Label Printers
Daily Print Requirement > 1,000 Labels / Day
Max Print Width 4 Inch (101.6mm)
Printer Type Industrial
Print Technology Thermal Direct Only
Resolution 203 DPI
Connectivity LAN / Ethernet AND USB
Print Speed 304 mm/sec
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Purchase Volume Each
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