110mm x 300m Thermal Ribbon – Wax Resin, Ink Out



110mm x 152m Thermal Ribbon – Wax Resin, Ink Out
110mm x 152m Thermal Ribbon – Wax Resin, Ink Out
210mm x 500m Easy Release Gloss Laminate
210mm x 500m Easy Release Gloss Laminate

110mm x 300m Thermal Ribbon – Wax Resin, Ink Out

- Superior abrasion resistance
- Extensive label adaptability
- Low print energy
- Great value product
- Anti-static back protection

1 Carton: $ 196.85/Carton (10 Rolls)
2+ Cartons: $ 185.50/ Carton (10 Rolls)

196.85 196.85 AUD 196.85


  • Print Head Technology
  • Rolls Per Carton
  • Ink Side
  • Ribbon Type
  • Ribbon Width
  • Ribbon Length

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$  196.85 / ctn

$19.68 / roll


$ 185.50 / ctn

$18.55 / roll

save 6%

The most common thermal ribbon used in Australia is “WAX RESIN”

As the name suggests, Wax Resin Thermal Ribbon grade is a mixture of wax and resin. The resin in a thermal ribbon is what gives it better scratch and smudge resistance, so it is best for logistic labels or food packaging applications.

Within the grade wax resin, there are several variations which have different resin content levels. The more resin in a ribbon product, the more expensive & durable it will be. Depending on how much resistance you require you may be able to use a lower cost alternative which is often as good as the premium brands like Ricoh.

We recommend this grade for matt transfer & gloss paper labels, as well as most synthetics that will not be exposed to harsh conditions. Wax resin thermal ribbons are ideal for labels that are required to have a long lifespan, and when a finer printed image is needed. Additionally, ensure your ribbon is wider than your label material (including backing). This prevents paper stocks from damaging your printhead.

Ink-In or In-Out?

Ribbons are manufactured with the ink on the inside or the outside of the roll. This is because different Thermal Printers have different winding paths for thermal ribbons. Another commonly used term is Carbon Side In (CSI) and Carbon Side Out (CSO). Check your printer to select the option you need, or contact us for assistance.

Print Head Technology Flat Head
Rolls Per Carton 10 Rolls
Ink Side Ink In (CSI) or Ink Out (CSO)
Ribbon Type Wax Resin
Ribbon Width 110mm
Ribbon Length 300m

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