NEW…VP650 Color Label Printer
11 August, 2022 by
NEW…VP650 Color Label Printer
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VIP color VP650 colour label printer


The VP650 colour label printer combines the performance & reliability of the best selling VP700 with Advanced Memjet Enhanced Water Resistant Ink Technology.

  • Bringing label printing in-house has never been easier nor more flexible. Reduce costs while controlling your own printing. The VP650 is easy to operate with remote assistance available.
  • Print what you need, when you need it. No minimums or waiting. Ordering short run labels can be costly, but is often what you actually need. Stop ordering more to ‘save’ and ending up with lots of excess labels you don’t need.
  • VP650 is ideal for dynamic, seasonal or highly customised orders, where you need variable data like date codes, QR codes and fine barcodes, or for multiple variations or language versions.
  • Utilise the power of personalisation for true customer connection. Customise labels to suit customer requirements with low-cost implementation that can secure customers and orders.


VP650 Color Label Printer applications

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Find out why VP650 is one of the most price performance color label printer for businesses scaling up.

The VP650 is packed with the following features:

    fast print speed & high quality resolution
    water resistant labels
 suitable for most products
     print labels on-demand for short run label printing
     compact size: perfect for tight spaces.
     individual 200ml ink tanks
 to reduce replacement costs

VP650 Color Label Printer printed labels