Making 'the change' - a rebranding success!

While searching for health solutions, Sue McKinnon discovered a scientist in Vietnam researching the properties of Crinum latifolum (known locally as “The Royal Women’s Herb”).The result is Crila®, vegetable capsules derived from this special lily, grown and picked by hand on private plantations that are used as a herbal supplement to support prostate, menopause and uterine health. As the product became popular, so too did the demand for a more professional look and the provision of additional information needed for drug and labeling authority compliance. By involving the qlm group during the design phase, label aesthetics, function and style were considered for best outcome. Conscious of costs and a tight deadline, the result was a ‘peel n reveal’ label that stored additional information underneath but allowed the main label to stay intact. Silver ink was used to give the finished product a lift. Sue thinks the finished products look amazing. What do you think?
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